Some travel expenses can be payed for ahead of time by the lab, while others can only be reimbursed after you've attended the conference. 

The following expenses can be charged to the lab P-card:

  • Conference registration fees
  • Dartmouth Coach tickets (if you need to get to the Boston Logan Airport)

The following expenses must be paid out of pocket and reimbursed after the conference:

  • Airfares*
  • Food
  • Hotel fees

* Airfares can be charged to the lab account through direct-bill IF & ONLY IF you book your flight through the Dartmouth Travel Office. To do this, login to the travel portal. This is recommended in case your flight gets cancelled; if you pay out of pocket, you won't be reimbursed. 


Each grad student has a $350 per year travel stipend for presenting posters at conferences. Reimbursements must be pre-approved by Meghan, as well as Thalia Wheatley, the graduate chair. Make sure to include Laura Serafin, the department's financial assistant, in your email chain.

For reimbursements, you'll fill out the business expense report (BER) and send it to Laura with receipts attached.


Employee reimbursements are handled through the iExpense system. List Ethan Woodward as your iExpense approver. If something needs to be clarified about your submission, you may hear from Craig Switzer, our point person at the Finance Center—make sure to read any emails from him.