We use the lab Dropbox to store materials and data for behavioral studies. Depending on your role in the lab, varying levels of access to the Dropbox are available.

Undergraduate RAs:

  • Undergraduate RAs can be invited to a specific project folder by email.

  • Your undergraduate RA will need to create a Dropbox account. Ask your RA for the email associated with their account.

  • You can now simply invite your RA to any desired folder(s) using their email. You can find more detailed instructions on this process here.

Grad students:

  • If you are a graduate student who wishes to create your own folders and access all team files, ask the lab manager to invite you to the lab Dropbox as a member.

Lab managers:

  • You will need admin access to the Dropbox.

  • Use Lastpass to sign into the lab Dropbox.

  • Install Dropbox on your computer.

  • You should now be able to modify files in the Dropbox.