Make sure you lay out clearly how your experiment will proceed: exactly what participants will do at each point in the study, how you and/or your RAs will run each participant, etc. It's crucial to plan this all in detail and get everyone on the same page.

What Your Plan Should Include

  • Process for recruiting/confirming participants
  • How to prepare for and greet a participant
  • Participant completes a payment form (needed in order to be paid)
  • Participant completes a consent form
  • Subject ID Assignment (using the online tool)
  • Study procedures (with standard scripts written)
  • Debriefing
  • Payment
  • How to clean up space after each participant
  • How to transmit, store, process and analyze data after each participant

Record all these steps in a protocol document that outlines exactly what experimenters should do/say to make the study run smoothly.

Set up physical and electronic spaces

  • Create Google Drive or Dropbox folders to organize documents/data
  • Create a Google spreadsheet to log each session and keep notes on each participant, in case of any issues
  • Make sure your Matlab stimulus presentation files are on the appropriate computers
  • Share relevant Google Drive/Dropbox folders with your RAs
  • Have documents (consent forms, payment forms, debriefing forms, etc.) all printed out and organized in folders in the testing room
  • Put bookmarks to your study's questionnaires on the testing room computer for easy access