The fMRI machine is managed by the Dartmouth Brain Imaging Center. Anyone using the scanner must contact Terry Sackett, Dartmouth's MRI Research Technologist, for training. Here is a description of the three possible training levels for MR users. There must always be two trained people in the room to run a scan. Undergraduate RAs often work as "scan buddies" and accompany fully trained (level 3) MR users while scanning.

Contact Courtney Rodgers, DBIC's Administrative Assistant, to be added to the DBIC Calendar. You must be trained as an MR USER before you can be added to the calender.

Scanning tips

  • Make sure everything is set up and ready to go when the participant arrives.
  • All participants must complete the safety screening prior to entering the scanner
  • All participants must sign the fMRI consent form
  • When running participants in the scanner, be very clear and communicative.  We want participants to be as comfortable as possible for their sakes, as well as the sake of the data (comfortable participants move less!)

If something goes wrong while scanning

  • If a scan reveals an anatomical anomaly in a subject, inform Terry Sackett immediately. Always put a cushion behind the subject's head and offer a blanket before beginning the scan.
  • If a subject starts to feel anxious, claustrophobic, or otherwise uncomfortable during scanning, offer to stop the experiment immediately and tell them you'll grant them partial payment/T-Point at your discretion, depending on how long they've been there.