• Book the lab testing room on the lab calendar

  • Show up early to prepare

  • Set up task on one of the behavioral laptops (the 11" Macbook Airs)

  • Get a consent form and a pen

When the subject arrives

  • Give them a copy of the consent form to read and a signature/date page

  • While they are reading and signing, take care of any last setup/reset of the test room

  • Clarify that the subject knows whether they are participating for cash or T-Points

  • Double-check they satisfy the study requirements listed on SONA in case they didn't read them

  • Explain experiment and if applicable, guide subject through pre-study questionnaire

  • Once the subject has begun the experiment, record their subject ID on the top of the consent form and put the form in the appropriate folder in the file cabinet.

  • While they are in the test room, prepare their cash payment, or log into SONA and grant them their T-Point

When the Subject is Finished

  • Guide them through any post-questionnaires

  • Debrief—give them a debriefing form if you have one, answer any questions about what the study was about

  • Thank them

  • Pay them or let them know you granted their T-Point

  • Backup data on your study folder on the lab Dropbox