Behavioral data collection is done in our test rooms. Remember to reserve the test room(s) when you post the SONA timeslot! Arrive early for the study and prepare as much as possible in advance.

When the subject arrives

  • Give them a copy of the consent form to read and a signature/date page
  • While they are reading and signing, take care of any necessary setup/reset of the test rooms
  • Clarify that the subject knows whether they are participating for cash or T-Points
  • Double-check they satisfy the study requirements listed on SONA in case they didn't read them
  • Explain experiment and if applicable, guide subject through pre-study questionnaire.
  • Once the subject has begun the experiment, record their subject ID on the top of the consent form and put the form in the appropriate folder in the file cabinet.
  • While they are in the test room, prepare their cash payment, or log into SONA and grant them their T-Point
  • When the subject is finished, guide them through any post-questionnaires, debrief, thank them, and pay them or let them know you granted their T-Point