Student participants make up the vast majority of subjects in the department. To post openings for subjects in experiments, the department uses SONA.

Step-by-step process to recruit through SONA:

  1. Register your study on SONA

  2. Post time slots in SONA.

  3. Edit your study to sent you email updates when subjects sign up for slots

  4. Monitor SONA regularly to see if subjects have signed up.

Recruiting community members:

You can also recruit non-student subjects by advertising through IRB-approved flyers. Good places to post flyers:

  • The Upper Valley listserv

  • Craigslist

  • Bus stops

  • Around campus (there are bulletin boards in Baker-Berry Library, the Thayer engineering building, and other locations)

Make sure to list your contact info on the flyer; pull-off tabs help.