You can use the printer in room 141 on the first floor of Moore (next to the women's restroom). To connect your computer to the printer:

  1. Install the print driver for your Mac/Windows version from the Brother support site here

  2. Go to Printers and Scanners on your computer's Settings

  3. Select the option to add a printer by IP address/hostname

  4. Enter the following settings:

For Mac:

  • Address:

  • Protocol: Line Printer Daemon – LPD

  • Queue: leave blank

  • Name: (should auto fill)

  • Location: Moore 141

  • Use: Brother HL-L6300DW series CUPS (should auto fill if print drivers were downloaded and installed)

  • If enabled, uncheck Share this printer on the network

For Windows:

  • Device Type: Autodetect

  • Hostname or IP address:

  • Check: Query the printer and automatically select driver to use

  • Printer Name:

  • Check: Do not share this printer

Trouble connecting?:

  • Computers have to be on Wi-fi Eduroam or the wired network for the printer to be visible. Using Wi-fi Dartmouth Public will not work.

  • If you still have issues connecting, you can contact Andrew Knutsen for help

Credits: Thanks to Andrew Knutsen for these instructions!