Designing Your Poster

Adobe Illustrator is a great program for poster making. Make sure that any images are either vector graphics, or bitmaps (.png, .jpeg, .tiff, etc.) at sufficiently high resolutions (at least 300 dpi). You can find some awesome tips for poster design here

Printing Your Poster

When printing, ask the lab manager and Meghan for assistance with contacting Laura Serafin to get the department chart string (so you don't need to pay yourself). The main printer for poster-sized items is the Map Room of Baker Library, open until 5:30 most days. Make sure to schedule your printing time as far in advance as possible, particularly before conferences when many people will want to print. Advanced planning can help us avoid the additional costs associated with off-campus printers.

Presenting at Conferences

Presenting at conferences is an important way to grow as a researcher, as well as share your results with others. All grad students can apply for a 350 dollar stipend to use towards conference attendance once per year. To do this, contact Thalia Wheatley.

For reimbursement from conference expenses, see the travel reimbursements page.