Lab Director


Meghan Meyer

Meghan is an Assistant Professor and Director of the Dartmouth Social Neuroscience Lab. She completed her Ph.D. at UCLA and her post-doctoral training at Princeton University. When she isn't having fun thinking about social neuroscience, Meghan is probably having fun thinking about coffee, dogs, trees, or candy.

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Lab Manager


Christina Huber

Christina graduated from Stanford University with a B.A. in psychology and a minor in human biology. As an undergrad she worked in Jamil Zaki’s lab, where she became fascinated by social psychological interventions to promote empathy, particularly in an intergroup context. Currently, she is interested in the role of the default network in social priming and consolidation, and how these processes might support either prosocial outcomes (e.g. increased empathy) or parochial responses (e.g. stereotype formation). Outside of the lab, Christina enjoys reading, running, and dreaming about adopting a cat.


Graduate Students


Sasha Brietzke

Sasha received her BA from Johns Hopkins University. After graduating, she pursued a post-baccalaureate fellowship at the NIH, where she studied impulsive decision-making in alcohol-dependent patients. Currently, she is interested in investigating the self through a social cognitive lens. Specifically, how people organize their self-schema according to the dynamic social roles they play and how people characterize their self across various timescales. Outside of the lab, Sasha enjoys reading fiction and eating chocolate. Preferably at the same time.


Alex DaSilva

Alex completed his BS in Psychology with a minor in Statistics at Iowa State University.  While at Iowa State, he was selected to participate in a NSF REU working with Jennifer Vendemia at the University of South Carolina investigating the neural correlates of social emotions.  Broadly, he is interested in the interplay between mental health and social/self-processing and uses multiple modalities to do so (e.g., social network analysis, smart-phone sensing).  In addition, he really likes regression in all shapes and forms whether it be semiparametric, mixed, penalized, generalized, or some combination of these techniques.  In his free time, he enjoys watching reality TV, cooking, and hanging out with his cat, Mr. Kitty. [Alex’s website]




Eleanor Collier

Lab manager (2017-2019). Eleanor graduated from Stanford University with a B.S. in chemistry and a minor in creative writing. At the DSNL, she researched how to identify neural factors that promote social connections and strengthen relationships, with the eventual aim of helping people improve their relational well-being. In Fall 2019, she will continue to study these exciting questions as a graduate student, working with Brent Hughes at UC Riverside.


Andrea Courtney

Doctoral student (2012-2018). Andrea studies the neural representations of the self and others, and is now completing her postdoctoral training with Jamil Zaki in the Stanford Social Neuroscience Lab.