Subjects are compensated in one of two ways: either cash or T-Points.


Participants who participate in return for cash are compensated at a rate of $10/hour for non-scanner studies and $20/hour for scanner studies.


T-Points exchange undergraduate credit for participation in the study. Certain undergraduate courses in the department require students to accumulate T-Points through-out the semester.

To use the T-Point system:

Ask Meghan how many points to ask for at the start of the term. At the beginning of each term, after the study is fully entered in SONA but remains inactive, provide Michelle Powers with the consent form for your study containing the CPHS stamp/number at the bottom and the T-Point form signed by Meghan and Courtney Rogers.  Michelle will then activate/reactivate your study.

If your subject arrives and participates, grant a T-Point.

If the subject...

  • does not show up or email, mark him/her unexcused on SONA
  • does not show up but sends a very good excuse, mark him/her excused
  • removes him/herself from the sing-up, do nothing -- they have canceled an appropriate amount of time before the scheduled slot
  • does not meet the criteria listed on SONA, do not let them participate, do not grant a T-Point. Remind them to read the study requirements before signing up.
  • has to leave early or has some other special cast, grant half a T-Point, at your discretion.
  • somehow cannot participate because of an error on our end, always grant a full T-Point

You can find the full T-Point policy here.