Note: This page will mostly be relevant only for the lab manager.

What to Pay With & When

The P-card should be used to purchase most things, with a couple exceptions:

  • Use the chartstring for internal vendors, e.g. the Dartmouth Computer Store, poster printing at Baker-Berry Library. Internal vendors should be paid using a chartstring, which bills our account directly. Right now we only have one chartstring, but this may change if we get more accounts (e.g. grants). You still need to send business purposes/receipts to Lisa as usual for a normal P-card purchase

  • Use the corporate card for meals & conference housing/flights/fees. Fill out the Expense Report Request eForm with Meghan listed as the payee, Daniel Clingenpeel listed as the approver

Both the P-card info and the chartstring are saved on our lab's LastPass account.

P-Card Policies

  • The p-card monthly limit is $5,000

  • There is a single order limit of $2,500

  • If we want to purchase a single item that is more than $2,500, we can work with Laura to set up a purchase order for that item

    • You'll need to get a quote from the company and send it to her as a pdf

    • This can take awhile sometimes, so be as proactive as possible about pushing it through

  • Whenever you make a p-card purchase, you must email Laura with:

    • The business purpose of the purchase (just a sentence or two)

    • The vendor

    • The dollar amount

    • The receipt, if the p-card purchase is $75 or larger

  • Purchases should be shipped and billed to:

[Insert Lab Manager's Name]
Psychological and Brain Sciences
6207 Moore Hall
Dartmouth College
Hanover, NH 03755

Good Purchasing Practices

The following aren't hard rules, but are good practices to follow to ensure things run as smoothly as possible (and to make Laura's life easier!):

  • Don't try to circumvent the $2,500 single-order limit by purchasing part of your order one day and the rest the next day. This is called "pyramiding," and will get you in trouble. Wait AT LEAST a week in between if you need to split up your order

  • For monthly charges of fixed amounts, e.g. software subscriptions, let Lisa know ahead of time. That way she doesn't have to ask you what the charge is for when it pops up each month

  • If you want to hire an independent contractor or consultant, e.g. to program something for the lab, let Lisa know well in advance. There's extra paperwork she'll need to send you

  • Always check with Lisa if you aren't sure about something! Policies are always changing, and accidentally violating them can have big consequences for the lab