Lab Projects

Click here to see a visualization of all the projects going on in the lab, and your role in them.

Note: if you get a privacy error when you click on the link, just click "advanced" on the privacy notice page and then click "continue to site anyway."

A few notes on exploring the graph:

  • To see what's going on in a particular quarter, click on that quarter, then on the right-hand menu under "selected node," click "go into board"

  • Click the triangle button on the left to organize the graph by connectedness of the nodes

  • If you want to make the nodes closer or farther apart, on the right-hand menu under "advanced," adjust the graph layout slider

  • Zoom in & out using the buttons on the bottom or two fingers on the trackpad

  • To see the key for which colors mean what, go to "colors" on the right-hand menu. Lab members/ RAs/ collaborators are in different shades of green

  • The labels on the connections between person and project specify what the person's role in that project is

  • If you hover over a lab member, you can see just the projects they're involved in, with everything grayed out (try finding yourself!)

  • If you hover over a project, you can see just the people involved with that project

  • Studies being scanned together are linked

  • People working with each other are clustered closer together