Lab Calendar

Our lab gcal contains lab events, lab birthdays, etc. It's also the place you should book our labs' behavioral testing rooms. To view it, go to Google Calendars and log in using our lab’s gmail (

To book test rooms

  1. Go to the lab calendar.

  2. Select the time slot you want to book

  3. Title the event with your last name

  4. Select the room you want to book from the dropdown menu

To book the Scanner

To book the scanner, you'll need to email Courtney Rogers. Get in touch with her to gain access to the DBIC calendar. She'll want to know you're MRI certified.

To See lab events on your personal calendar

Want to look no further than your own gcal to know what’s happening in the lab? Follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the lab calendar. For each event type (e.g. “lab meetings”) you want to see in your own calendar…

  2. Under ‘My Calendars’, select the relevant calendar and go to ‘Settings and Sharing’

  3. Under ‘Share with Specific People’, add your personal gmail

  4. Log out of the lab gcal and into your own, and you should see the calendar you added