Before You Begin

  • To pace your application, set a deadline that corresponds with the next submission deadline. Dartmouth's IRB committee meets on the 1st, 3rd, and 4th Thursdays of the month.
  • Ensure that you're CITI certified for human subjects research
  • Create a folder in the lab Dropbox IRB folder for your Protocol draft, Example Protocols, Questionnaires, CITI Certificates, Recruitment materials, etc.
  • Decide whether you will be submitting a Medical (fMRI scanning) or Non-Medical (Behavioral) IRB.

Preparing your application

  • Ask the lab manager for example IRBs if you need reference material for the language, or other specifics.
  • Very politely ask another researcher to look over the IRB. Highlight the parts you aren't sure about so they can focus on them.
  • Assemble the necessary docs: Protocol, Consents, Recruitment materials, Questionnaires, CITI certificate pdfs for all of your researchers.
  • Log onto RAPPORT to begin a new protocol. Check out Meghan's guide below to inputting all the necessary info (if asked to log in, use your Dartmouth email)


  • Attach all your docs, and submit! (Feel free to celebrate :D)
  • Click "Send notification to PI" - this will send an email to Meghan, who has to approve it before it gets to the CPHS committee. It's a good idea to send her your own email too, so it doesn't get lost in her inbox
  • Your protocol will be assigned to a reviewer, who will look it over
  • They will likely respond with comment and they ask that you respond to these within 3 days.