First To-Dos

  • Get your lab key as soon as possible from Julia Abraham. Her office is Moore 108, and she's usually here 8AM-5PM

  • Tell the lab manager your birthday, so we can get it on our lab calendar!

  • Before you start running participants, you'll need to get your CITI certification. (Complete Group 2: Nonmedical Researchers and Staff). There's an online course and set of quizzes you must pass with at least an 80% average across all modules. If you already have your CITI certification from another university, email it to your lab manager

  • If you want to do fMRI studies, you’ll also need to get MRI certified. See this page for details

Good Things to Know

  • Moore is unlocked 6AM-10PM Monday through Friday. If you need to get in outside those hours (hopefully you shouldn't!), you can ask Julia Abraham to activate your ID card to unlock the building

  • If you have questions about anything lab-related, consult the wiki! It's pretty extensive

  • ...But if what you need to know isn't on here, feel free to ask your lab manager

  • ...And if your lab manager doesn't know, don't be afraid to ask one of the senior lab members. Everyone here is super friendly, and we're all at different points on the same learning journey