Storing active datasets

Data should be stored in one of three places:

  1. Lab folder on secure departmental server
    • Data to store here: consent forms, keys to subject IDs
  2. Google Drive
    • Data to store here: behavioral data
  3. The Cluster
    • Data to store here: fMRI and EEG data

In general, you should not store data locally on your computer unless it is being synced with your Google Drive folder.


Data organization

Good data organization can save you lots of time and mistakes! Suggested format for project folders:

  • ProjectName
    • the mother folder containing all your project subfolders
  • ProjectName/Data
    • contains a folder for raw data - always keep a copy of the raw (i.e., unprocessed) data & keep it separate from the copy that you're using in your pipeline
    • participant folders P01, P02, etc for processed data
    • this folder also contains a file documenting demographic & other summary info
  • ProjectName/Analysis
    • contains folders for each type of analysis, e.g., AnalysisOne, AnalysisTwo etc
  • ProjectName/Task
    • contains folders for stimuli & presentation scripts, as well as any piloting info/data
  • ProjectName/Resources
    • contains miscellaneous resources relevant to a project, e.g., ROIs, papers that are direct references for particular methods
  • ProjectName/Scripts
    • contains subfolders for different kinds of scripts, e.g., behav, preproc, helper, model, mvpa, etc

For neuroimaging datasets, you should additionally consult the BIDS framework.